Fred Seebeck, Vice President

Fred first joined the Pemi community in 1963 as a camper in Junior 3, and has since served as assistant counselor, cabin counselor, division head, head of staff, and assistant director.  For many years, he directed the Pemi waterfront, where the seeds of his love for swimming, water polo, and other aquatic pursuits were planted (he coaches swimming and polo to this day). Similarly, Fred’s passion for working with young people found its roots at Pemi, and he has indulged that passion by teaching at boarding schools (first at St. George’s School and, since 1983, at Loomis Chaffee) ever since. Brother John Seebeck and all four of John’s sons have attended Pemi as well, cementing the Seebeck family’s devotion to Camp for many years to come, we hope!