Allyson Fauver

Great-granddaughter of Pemi founder Gar Fauver, Allyson spent many beloved summers at Pemi, living “up the Hill” (along with her grandparents, Al and Bertha Fauver), while her father Fred was on staff and her brother Jon was a camper. In 1999, she provided logistics for Pemi West. Currently, she is a behind-the-scenes Pemi administrator. Allyson holds a BA in International Studies from Marlboro College in Vermont and a JD from the University of Maine School of Law. Community-based change has been at the heart of her endeavors since her first college internship (with a women’s micro-lending and professional development organization in Uganda), and she is the founder of SolVE, a small organization that provides support services for nonprofit and social-profit organizations. She lives in Montana and maintains close family and community ties in New Hampshire and Maine.