Dan Reed

Great-grandson of Pemi founder Dudley Reed, Dan has spent nearly every summer of his life at Pemi.  He began his years on Lower Baker as the roaming toddler of Tom and Dottie Reed, and has spent the subsequent summers in a medley of roles: camper, Pemi West participant, assistant counselor, cabin counselor, trip counselor (at both “Pemi East” and Pemi West), division head,  Head of Occupations, and Head of Trips. In 2015, Dan joined the proud line of Bean Soup editors, and continues to enjoy the weekly ladling. Thanks largely to his summer experiences at Pemi, Dan has joined the other family business – teaching – and teaches alongside Fred Seebeck at Loomis Chaffee, where he also coaches squash and tennis.

Peter Fauver

Pemi was Peter’s first home in the summer of 1947. Grandson of Pemi founder Gar Fauver, and son of Al and Bertha Fauver, he was a camper from Junior 1 to Senior 3. He went to the University of North Carolina, inspired, in part, by three members of the UNC baseball team who worked at Pemi for several years as counselors. Following graduation from UNC, Peter went on to law school, and then returned to New Hampshire to practice. In 1992, he took to the bench as a Judge on the New Hampshire Superior Court, serving until his retirement in 2008. In keeping with the tradition started by Al Fauver, on retirement he assumed the oversight of Pemi’s grounds and the 55 buildings on the camp property. He has been on the Board of Directors for several decades and looks forward to continuing in that role and otherwise assisting where needed.

Fred Fauver

Grandson of  Pemi founder Gar Fauver, and son of Al & Bertha Fauver, Fred had his feet on the ground at Pemi from birth. Nine years as a camper developed his love for the natural world and the mountains and wild lands of New England. Summers as a Pemi trip counselor led to the founding, along with his brother Jon, of Pemi West. As a member of the Pemi board of directors, Fred continues to manage Pemi’s extensive forest lands surrounding Lower Baker.

Fred holds a BA in biology with an emphasis in botany and ecology, and an MFA in Design for Theater. He has worked as a land surveyor, carpenter and timber framer, middle school and college teacher, and in outdoor/experiential education.

Fred and his wife, the sculptor Sharon Townshend, live in Pownal, Maine, between Chandler Brook and a large beaver bog in a home of their own design and construction. Fred served as selectman of the Town of Pownal from 2006 to 2012, and is current board president of Royal River Conservation Trust.

Sarah Fauver

Sarah (great-granddaughter of Pemi founder, Gar Fauver) was brought up with the values and traditions of Pemi and visited camp with her parents, Peter and Deborah, every summer. She attended Wyonegonic, in Maine, for six summers and understands the role camp can play in a child’s life. Sarah graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in animal science. Today, she is the horse specialist at the historic UVM Morgan Horse Farm in Weybridge, Vermont, and is in the midst of completing a masters of education in instruction and curriculum development. Sarah looks forward to further integrating Pemi into her life, and to shaping her future in such a way that lends itself to more time at camp in the summers.

Roger McEniry

Roger spent six summers as a camper and five as a counselor at Pemi in the 1960s and 1970s. He then remained in touch in his role as a founder (in 1983) and early president of the The Fred Rittner Pemi Campership Fund which has raised over $1 million to send deserving boys and girls to Pemi and other summer camps. He was one of the first three non-family members to join the Pemi board and has served as a trustee since 2009.  Roger has the good fortune to also be a member of the Deerfield Academy and Williams College alumni groups in which school spirit and devotion happily border on cultish. Of the three, Pemi is closest to his heart and soul. He is the proud father of two grown daughters, Grace and Eloise, who both had great New England camping experiences of their own. Roger is Managing Partner of Dolan McEniry Capital Management, a $6.5 billion manager of US corporate bonds, both investment grade and high yield.

Greg Bowes

Greg is the second of three Bowes generations in the Pemi community. He was a camper in the early 1970s. His father, David, was a camper in the 1940s during World War II. More recently, both of his sons, David and Daniel, have been campers and counselors.  They are all believers that a summer at a traditional camp, away from the world’s troubles, can be among the happiest and most formative childhood experiences. Moreover, they believe that perpetuation of institutions like Pemi, with strong core values focused on the common good, is intrinsically valuable. Greg graduated from Bowdoin College in 1983 where he is an Emeritus Trustee and spent his career in finance with various firms before co-founding and serving as Managing Principal of Albright Capital Management, which makes private investments in emerging markets, seeking financial gains from the resolution of social and developmental problems. His professional responsibilities have included service on various corporate boards.

Jameson Fauver

Great-grandson of Pemi founder Gar Fauver, Jameson spent eight years as a camper and three years as a counselor. Jameson attended Colgate University where he played on the men’s soccer team and majored in economics. Jameson currently lives in Boston with his wife Catherine and is the Vice President of Business Development at Kashable, a financial technology company that offers socially responsible financing.

Allyson Fauver

Great-granddaughter of Pemi founder Gar Fauver, Allyson spent many beloved summers at Pemi, living “up the Hill” (along with her grandparents, Al and Bertha Fauver), while her father Fred was on staff and her brother Jon was a camper. In 1999, she provided logistics for Pemi West. Currently, she is a behind-the-scenes Pemi administrator. Allyson holds a BA in International Studies from Marlboro College in Vermont and a JD from the University of Maine School of Law. Community-based change has been at the heart of her endeavors since her first college internship (with a women’s micro-lending and professional development organization in Uganda), and she is the founder of SolVE, a small organization that provides support services for nonprofit and social-profit organizations. She lives in Montana and maintains close family and community ties in New Hampshire and Maine.

Dwight Dunston

Dwight Dunston is a West Philly educator, musician, organizer, and facilitator. He holds a BA in English from Dickinson College and an MA in Poetry from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. He is currently the Coordinator of Equity and Justice Education at Friends’ Central School, and is a founding member of the 9 piece hip-hop group, Hardwork Movement, and the musical duo, City Love. “It was on the shores of Lower Baker that I performed for the first time, and the love and support I felt in performing in those early years is a big reason why I am a musician today. One of my favorite things about Pemi is Campfire. The ways that people are vulnerable and show how trusting they are of the community through the act of sharing, and the ways that people show care by receiving openly and honestly the song/joke/skit/poem/story—it’s truly a radical gesture of love and support.”

Fred Seebeck, Vice President

Fred first joined the Pemi community in 1963 as a camper in Junior 3, and has since served as assistant counselor, cabin counselor, division head, head of staff, and assistant director.  For many years, he directed the Pemi waterfront, where the seeds of his love for swimming, water polo, and other aquatic pursuits were planted (he coaches swimming and polo to this day). Similarly, Fred’s passion for working with young people found its roots at Pemi, and he has indulged that passion by teaching at boarding schools (first at St. George’s School and, since 1983, at Loomis Chaffee) ever since. Brother John Seebeck and all four of John’s sons have attended Pemi as well, cementing the Seebeck family’s devotion to Camp for many years to come, we hope!