Our Session Options

Boys aged 8-15 enroll for one of three sessions: full session, first session, or second session.
We also offer a a 3.5-week wilderness skills and leadership program for ages 16-17 in Olympic National Park, Washington. Learn about Pemi West here >>

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What does each session include?

First and Second Sessions provide a solid camp experience within each three-plus week timeframe. Many events and opportunities are unique to each “half,” such that Full Session encompasses all that is offered. About half of the boys each summer are with us for the Full Session (85), joined by 85 in First Session and 85 boys in Second Session.

First Session

First Session campers enjoy

  • Three-plus weeks at Pemi. Programming with instruction and opportunities in Sports / Nature / Music, Art, Drama / and Trips. Read more >>
  • 4th of July festivities (P-rade, counselor hunt, vaudeville, etc) Read more >>
  • Birthday Banquet

Second Session

Second Session campers enjoy

  • Three plus weeks at Pemi, with two-plus weeks of programming (instruction and opportunities in Sports / Nature / Music, Art, Drama / and Trips. Read more >>) and a final week with different events each day, called “Pemi Week.” Read more >>
  • Tecumseh Day (100-year rivalry with excellent sports competition for all ages). Read more >>
  • Final Banquet

Full Session

In addition to the above, full session campers enjoy

  • “Full Session Camper Extravaganza Day” (24-hour time period between First and Second Sessions of specially-designed activities and events just for our 7-weekers. Last year’s full session campers, ages 8-15, ranked this an overwhelming “10”!) Read more >>
  • Parent Visiting Weekends (most parents of full session campers claim this to be a highlight of their summer!) Read more >>
  • Eligibility for the annual Gilbert & Sullivan production, with two evening performances during Pemi Week. Read more >>
  • Eligibility for the 15s Allagash wilderness waterway canoe trip Read more >>

Pemi West

For ages 16-17. Learn more>>

Why consider Full Session?

 “Time is the wisest counselor of all.” Pericles

Conventional wisdom suggests that certain things require time, a rare commodity in our fast-paced lives. After arriving at camp, veteran and new boys alike can take two weeks or more to relax fully from their busy academic year and/or to adjust to a new living experience away from family and home.

During the initial weeks of adjustment, most campers gravitate towards activities in which they already feel a sense of competency. By the third week, boys are fully settled in their routines and relationships, typically confident and bold. Boys who depart at this time generally do so “on top of the world,” with a great camp session under their belt. However, those boys who stay for Full Session tend to use the next few weeks to comfortably explore areas that they hadn’t felt ready for before and/or to dig in and refine a specific skill, thus learning powerful, valuable lessons about their personal capabilities and potential.

While our post-season surveys indicate that parents and boys are delighted with the Pemi experience regardless of session-length, parents of Full Session boys invariably remark upon the following specific skills that they notice in their boys:

  • confidence to take appropriate risks
  • determination to take interests to an advanced level
  • respect for the sustained effort needed to reach goals

Full Session boys range in age from 8 to 15, and several are first-time campers. We suggest that a family consider full session if schedule and finances allow, and are happy to discuss this option with you.

First-Time Campers

New boys are warmly welcomed and supported in their transition from home to camp whether they arrive at the beginning of the summer or for Second Session.

In addition to our well-trained staff, our veteran campers stand ready to greet and assist their new cabinmates, and doing so is part of Pemi’s leadership training that starts as early as with the youngest full session 8-year olds who, though brand new in June, are taught how to step up as guides for their incoming second session cabinmates.

Parents of first-time campers typically assume a shorter time is best for a first camp experience and enroll their sons for either First or Second Session. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, Full Session can be an excellent choice for first-time campers since transition from home to another setting takes time, especially for boys new to the experience. Each year, several of our Full Session campers are new campers, including our youngest. Ultimately, we want the best fit for your son and your family, for now and as your son grows, whether First, Second, or Full Session.

And finally…camp is for parents, too

We like to think that Camp Pemigewassett nurtures the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of boys and young men ages 8-15. We also like to think that we simultaneously offer what parents need—physically, emotionally, and developmentally—as they experience this very same camp session, albeit in a setting far from Pemi. For many families, this is the their first significant time apart. Our mission includes supporting parents during this time. Parents, as well as their sons, learn vital life skills during “their” camp session.