Visit Pemi

Alumni are always welcome to visit camp during the season, to join us for a meal in the Mess Hall, and to observe camp in full swing. Alumni looking to participate in the camp program as a Visiting Professional should contact Kenny Moore at ken.

When camp is not in session, alumni are still welcome to return to Pemi and should coordinate their visit with Kenny. In some instances, provisions can be made for a place to throw your sleeping bag and hang your towel for a chilly Polar Bear.

During the winter months, the Pemi family gathers at over a dozen venues throughout the country to re-establish close ties and to reach out to new prospective Pemi boys. Both veterans and prospective campers are welcomed along with their families to our Open Houses.

In addition, Pemi hosts Alumni-specific events that re-establish the connections made on the shores of Lower Baker. Some of these events are held at Camp, such as the Alumni Work Weekend as well as the annual Rittner Run and Rittner Run Banquet, while others are scheduled in areas throughout the East Coast, Mid West and South.

See Alumni Support & Events or revisit your camp days with a look at cabin life and meals.