Alumni Support

Alumni Support

Pemi has always been a place where the most gratifying day is one in which the fast-moving Pemi Kid slows down for a moment to extend a helping hand to another. The Pemi Alumni Program is excited about all the new and established ways we can make this happen. As is stated in Camp Pemigewassett’s mission, in order to best support and meet the needs of our campers, Pemi is committed to serve…

…as a practical and inspirational resource for alumni of all ages as they carry “Pemi” back into their schools, communities, professions, and ongoing involvements. Alumni in turn form a vital network of kindred spirits and lifelong friends who welcome and support our “graduates” as they find their own way in the world beyond our mountain valley. They are our most potent and inspiring examples of the enduring benefits of the Pemi experience.

Pemi can support Alumni

  • by mentoring former campers and counselors on school and professional choices.
  • by arranging for families to host them as they travel in pursuit of educational or professional opportunities.
  • by contacting folks in the alumni network regarding internships and jobs for Pemi counselors and other alums.

Alumni can support Pemi

  • by hosting an Open House for prospective families.
  • by suggesting Pemi to friends.
  • by networking with fellow alumni.
  • by participating in Alumni Events.

Pemi Counselor Internship Initiative

For over a century, working at Pemi has equipped our counselors with essential life skills: leadership training, communication skills, and the ability to solve problems in a communal setting. Veterans who have graduated to the broader working world tell us that the counseling experience has served them incredibly well in any number of work settings. Increasingly, though, our best staff members—the ones we really want to keep in the fold for multiple summers—are finding it difficult to return for that second or third season, the one where their wisdom and experience can make a huge difference for Pemi. In this increasingly competitive national work climate, they feel pressure to build their resumes by securing a professional internship to improve their odds at landing an ideal job.

For this reason, Pemi is launching a new initiative to help our counselors gain crucial professional experience and continue to work at our camp. We are asking members of the broad Pemi community—especially our Alumni and Parent networks—to assist eager Pemi counselors develop professionally by sponsoring internships or enabling further connections. The Pemi Counselor Internship Initiative aims to provide internship opportunities for our talented undergraduate counselors after the end of the school year in early spring and before the start of their work at Pemi.

This year, strong veteran staff whose experience we really want to be able to draw on for a great season are looking for internship placements in:

Computer programming
Computer science
Engineering – biomedical or bio-mechanics
Engineering – mechanical
Environmental sustainability
and Neuroscience

Are you involved or connected in any of these areas? Or are you able to help talented Pemi staff in a any other fields? If you are able to help a motivated and ambitious Pemi counselor by sponsoring an internship or by assisting in professional networking, please be in touch.

If you’ve not already registered in the Alumni Guestbook, please do so in order that we might keep you informed as plans for these and other gatherings develop.