Canoe Trips

At least twice a summer, cabin groups will paddle across the pond with their counselors for a leisurely al fresco supper at Flat Rock or the Pine Forest. Counselors might assign you and a friend to collect firewood, while others warm the stew or pasta dish, and still others supervise clean-up, careful to see the fire is dead out – all of this making for a satisfying evening of cabin teamwork and unity.

At the other end of the boating spectrum is our annual trip to the Allagash Waterway in northern Maine, where specially-trained Seniors (age 15) who are with us for the Full Session join four staff on a four-day descent of one of the most remote and unspoiled rivers in the Northeast. They return with tales of long stretches of invigorating white- and quick-water, regular bald eagle and moose sightings, and a new understanding of how careful preparation, good judgment, and sensitivity to others and to their surroundings allow for an unforgettable encounter with true wilderness. Depending on interest and expertise, we also offer one-day white-water kayaking trips on the Androscoggin River.

Rivers and Lakes Paddled by Pemi

  • Baker
  • Pemigewassett
  • Saco
  • Connecticut
  • Indian Pond
  • Long Pond
  • Allagash

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