Sports: Our Approach

The Sports Program at Pemi is recognized for its excellent instruction, determined play, and commitment to participation, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

From Beginner…

Are you a casual athlete? Even boys who may not be active in sports at home tend to enjoy the athletics program at Pemi. Our emphasis is on participation, personal development, and the benefits of an active lifestyle. Pemi provides a safe place to try new things, sports included, and many a boy discovers the fun and camaraderie that sports can offer in an environment that is characterized by encouragement and support rather than the intensity and pressure that can accompany school and club teams. In a world where specialization often encourages boys to start a particular sport at a very early age, Pemi believes that it’s never too late to develop a new interest. There’s no need to stay away from a sport because you think it’s too late to “catch up.”

…to Advanced

Are you a dedicated, serious athlete? You’ll receive topnotch instruction with a focus on technical development and team tactics as well as plenty of playing time and high-level inter-camp competition. Passionate athletes can sign up for FAST (Focused Athletic Skills Training), a week each for soccer, baseball, and lacrosse. Unlike attending a specialty sports camp, being a Pemi camper exposes you to new sports as well as hiking, canoeing, nature, music, art, and drama activities. As a result, you’re likely to discover untapped talents and interests, develop a broader spectrum of friends, and have a more exciting, well-rounded summer.

How We Do It

Athletic offerings at Camp Pemigewassett are structured through:

During morning occupations, you will learn and practice skills specific to the given sport. Coaches develop lesson plans with daily goals that build over the five days of the occupation. Instruction involves clear direction and demonstration, with drills from fundamentals to advanced team strategy.

Afternoon team practices give you the opportunity to translate the skills you’ve learned though morning instruction to a game setting.  Most team practices are intra-squad scrimmages. Coaches direct the play with a keen eye on allowing team growth and individual development while finding “coachable moments” to instruct on particulars of the game.

After you have learned the fundamentals during occupations and scrimmages, our inter-camp competitions offer you the chance to pull it all together in a competitive environment.  Whether on the individual or team level, competition provides significant learning opportunities about teamwork and cooperation, drive and determination, how to be a serious competitor without sacrificing sportsmanship, and how to handle wins and losses with equal grace and dignity.

During free time on any given afternoon or evening, you’re likely to find a handful of boys practicing penalty kicks on the soccer pitch, others playing a pick-up basketball game, some taking batting practice on one of our three ball diamonds, and the tennis courts full of guys playing either singles or doubles. Lots of good fun happens at Pemi on a purely spontaneous basis, and lots of great skills are refined when a couple of campers just take their lacrosse sticks and throw a ball around. It’s a great way to spend some time, get better at what you like, and maybe introduce a good friend to something he’s never tried.

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