Program Overview

Camp Pemigewassett is an all-around camp and is committed equally to excellence in four program areas:

We offer instruction and opportunities from beginner through advanced levels in these four program areas.

Why Four Program Areas?

You might choose to attend Pemi because you’re particularly interested in one of our program areas or you might choose to attend Pemi because you have multiple interests. In either case, Pemi’s broad program allows you to develop your current interest(s) while also discovering new talents and passions. This is critical as you grow older, as being at Pemi will continue to offer you new areas to explore and new skills to master; it’s a place you won’t “outgrow.” That’s just one of the reasons boys return to Pemi year after year.

Choosing Activities

With the help of your cabin counselor, you’ll select among dozens of “occupations” (Pemi lingo for instructional periods) to create your schedule for the coming week. There are three occupational hours in the morning and one in the afternoon, which is optional for older campers (though many choose a schedule that includes “fourth hour”). Plenty of choices combined with excellent instruction make Pemi an ideal place to learn an activity for the first time as well as to focus on a particular skill over several weeks’ time.

Pemi Isn’t School!

No grades, no tests, no pressure to be a “type” or to be at the head of the class. At Pemi the emphasis is on the joy of discovery, for you to develop an awareness of your own abilities, interests, and potential. The freedom to explore new things and to challenge yourself without the demands of an academic structure opens the door to a love of learning and participating in the world around you that will stay with you well beyond the beautiful shores of Lower Baker Pond.

Skills For Life

The most potent outcome of the Pemi program far exceeds learning how to pitch a strike or how to correctly identify the species of moth or how to hike a 4000 ft mountain. Read more >>

And Finally…

Real Pemi boys enjoying the real Pemi program, real time. Read the Pemi blog and our newsletters!