Nature: Our Approach

Pemi’s Nature Program started in 1925 and has opened campers’ eyes to the wonders of natural science ever since! Through observing and experiencing Pemi’s habitats in our morning occupations and with field exploration trips offered near and far every afternoon, campers and staff “take a closer look” together, noticing the action of life all around us.

Along with volunteers on every lake statewide, Pemi campers count the loons they observe, by canoe and kayak, on Upper and Lower Baker Ponds and contribute that data during the annual New Hampshire Loon Census hour. Pemi boys who have become adept at insect identification assist annually with the North American Butterfly Association’s Butterfly Count, working with a local entomologist team to census our 15-mile-diameter count area.

In all subjects of natural history, Pemi campers can build their personal experience with the ecosystems all around them, developing investigative reasoning and field skills, for the adventures and responsibilities that will lie ahead of them, along their various paths of life.

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