The Nature Lodge

The Paul Moore Strayer Memorial Nature Lodge was built in 1930. In 1995 we increased the building’s size by 2/3 with the addition of the Phillip Reed Memorial Nature Library.

Main Building

  • reference collections of insects, rocks and minerals, and mushrooms, all of which are either displayed or easily accessible.
  • workstations that include microscopes, insect pinning boards, rock identification equipment, plant presses, and much more.
  • an extensive collection of field guides and identification books.
  • space for changing exhibits, such as one on New Hampshire granite, another on camouflage in nature, a rotating one showing local plants in bloom, and another with non-flowering plants.
  • terraria and aquaria where we house invertebrates, fish, frogs, and salamanders from our streams and lake.

Reed Memorial Library

  • our collection of non-field-guide books (nature essays, guides to regional geology and natural history, etc.).
  • references on a wide variety of “nature” topics.
  • picture books (“coffee table” type).
  • tables and comfortable chairs (during free time, campers often enjoy reading or working in this group space).
  • an additional teaching station.
  • storage space for camper collections.
  • additional exhibits (including some museum-quality rocks, minerals, and fossils).

Field & Laboratory Equipment

Many of the following may be borrowed by the campers during their free time:

  • insect collecting nets (both aerial and dip)
  • rock hammers and chisels
  • animal traps
  • cameras
  • sketch pads and paints
  • hand lenses

The total reading collection (including field guides) is about 1,000 volumes.

All exhibits (and the reference collections too) come only from our “local” area, defined as in and around camp and from areas where we take trips. Roughly this encompasses southeast to Plum Island, Massachusetts; northeast to Mt. Katahdin in Maine; northwest to the Lake Champlain Islands; and southwest to the cave areas around Schoharie, New York.

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