Nature Trips

Nature trips take place several times a week. They vary in length from a couple of hours to as long as three days. The shorter trips and day-long trips are open to everyone. The overnight trips are open to older campers.

Afternoon Trips

  • Local fields and meadows contain a wealth of insect life. A given day’s outing might focus on butterflies, aquatic insects, bees, wasps, dragonflies, or ants, and might include both collecting and photographing.
  • Local (abandoned) mines for rock and mineral collection. We are in the heart of an old mining district with many locations that we can visit. One that we explore almost every week is the Palermo Mine, in North Groton, NH. This is a world-famous locality and access is restricted. The owner, however, is a good friend of camp and he has given us a key so that we can go whenever we want to.
  • Quincy Bog is a large beaver swamp in nearby Rumney.
  • Sculptured Rocks is a small gorge on the Cockermouth River that is full of glacial potholes.

Day Trips

Overnight Trips

  • The Connecticut Lakes region (extreme northern New Hampshire), includes virgin spruce/fir forest, the source of the Connecticut River, Dixville Notch, and a wide variety of plants and animals (including moose) associated with the Northern Boreal Forest.
  • Two caving trips are offered, one beginning and one advanced, in New York State, about 40 miles southwest of Albany. Caving is open only to the oldest campers and most feel these are among the best trips that Pemi offers. These trips are led by Larry Davis, Nature Program Head. Larry is a cave scientist and the trips include not only adventure, but a good bit of geology and cave lore. (read more about Pemi’s caving trips >)

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