Crafts/Studio Art

The Art Building is located in the Junior Camp and is the hub of studio arts and crafts. With a big central table so you and your fellow campers can sit around and face one another while working, the atmosphere is lively, happy, and inspiring. Outside picnic tables expand the work area and serve as a beautiful place to work on a project during a sunny summer day.

Each week brings you multiple choices of specific projects to undertake during morning instruction, with the option to come in the afternoon to continue on your project, start something new, or simply to hang out, relax, and have a nice conversation in a welcoming environment.

Head of Art, Laura Bubar, oversees a program bursting with energy and creativity. Counselors and program staff with a background in and love for the artistic process assist Laura.

Projects: not your typical lanyard…

Examples of recent weeklong art activities include:

  • Science Fiction Landscape: Using one point perspective, create a wacky, science fiction landscape with monsters.
  • Snake! Using paint and oil pastel/crayon, create textured snakes.
  • Mandala: Draw and color beautiful asymmetric images of the nature found at Pemi.
  • Graffiti: Urban and Street Art.
  • Make a Colorful Bowl: Using paper maché, make a beautiful fruit bowl for someone special.
  • Zentangle Doodle Art: Doodle your way to a group artistic masterpiece.
  • Mixed Media Painting: Using paint, oil pastels and texture, create a funky mixed-media painting.
  • Marbleized Paper
  • Monster Pillowcase: Draw and paint an original pillowcase for your bed.
  • Japanese Koinobori Fish Windsocks: Use printmaking and painting to create a windsock for your cabin.
  • Clay Sweetshop: Make your favorite sweets out of clay.
  • Robot Shoe Sculpture: Use an old shoe to create a crazy robot sculpture.
  • Paper Sculpture Alexander Calder style: Make brightly colored wood sculptures.
  • Optical Illusion Drawing: Create crazy, colorful optical illusions to trick the eye.
  • Strange Object Print Making: Make prints using bubbles, erasers, and found objects.
  • Boatbuilding
  • Dying Wooly Critters: Dye wool (from local sheep) to use for needlefelting small animals.

The perfect storm of interest and talent

One never knows from year to year what activities will ignite the enthusiasm of the campers. For instance, last year, one camper’s passion for boat building coincided with the skills of a counselor who is a college engineering student. Boys who observed an afternoon’s open-art collaboration between these two, involving a couple hundred popsicle sticks, a glue gun, and exploration of diverse structural engineering techniques, developed what can only be described as a mania for boat-building. The enthusiasm spread to both campers and counselors alike. By the end of the summer, boys and counselors had used over 9,000 popsicle sticks to experiment with construction techniques and boat design. Countless boats were created. To test the structural integrity of their crafts, campers sailed them in the stream and Lower Baker Pond. Some sank; and some floated successfully. Shore-side discussions about building techniques that supported sea-worthiness abounded. What construction techniques fostered boats that actually floated? What types of sails best caught the breeze? Thus, although we offer rich, diverse arts and craft programming, we also keep an eye toward the perfect storm of interest and talent that can spawn new passions.

End of year Art Show

During the final week of camp, the library is transformed into an art gallery to display and celebrate the artistic efforts of campers and staff. A grand “opening” launches the show, complete with punch, cheese and grapes. Campers gather ’round the table not only for the refreshments but to receive trivia questions about the work on display as well. This light-hearted Pemi tradition gets everyone looking closely at the creative efforts while throwing in some good brainteasers for good measure.

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