The Arts: Our Approach

Creativity is a hallmark at Pemi and has been since the early 1900’s. You’ll find plenty of ways to express your originality and imagination with opportunities to explore:

You might be inspired to venture in to areas that you’ve always wanted to try but have never had the chance, or you might get in to something simply because your cabin mate has told you that the instructor is great. Whatever your motivation, there’s so much at your fingertips at Pemi that you might just discover a talent and/or new interest, something that will bring pleasure for a lifetime. You don’t need to be the next artistic genius, just willing to explore and put in a little sustained effort.

What Makes Pemi Different?

You’ll find that taking part in music, drama, and art at Pemi differs greatly from doing those things in school. Many schools have cut funding for the arts, with some classes meeting just once a week. It’s difficult to learn new techniques, tap into ideas, and pull it all together when the bell is about to ring for yet another long stretch away. And school projects/productions (often teacher-chosen) have to be created on a tight schedule that leaves little opportunity to collaborate, brainstorm, and interact with those around you.

At Pemi, though, you’ll be able to share all that creative, fun energy with others because of:

Time. When you sign up for art, woodworking, music, or drama, you’ll meet for 50 minutes a day for five days a week to immerse yourself in your creative effort. Not finished with an art or woodworking project or want to do more? Come to “Open Art” or “Open Shop” in the afternoon.

Choice. Choose among dozens of activities each week with a range of beginner-to-advanced options. Do you have experience with a project that you can share? Talk with a program head or counselor and maybe you can offer an afternoon workshop, a great leadership opportunity.

Camaraderie. Music and art are uplifting activities and really help people connect.  At Pemi, you’ll find that campers of all ages and staff enjoy supporting and inspiring one another. In afternoon “Open Art,” for instance, you might just wander in to find a group of all ages having a lively conversation as each person works on his own project in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Putting it All Together

At Pemi, you can count on being appreciated for the effort you’ve put in. A boy who sings a song at campfire, or puts on a skit at Vaudeville, or is in the chorus of the annual Gilbert & Sullivan production, or who has a great photo or wooden cutting board displayed at the annual Art Show will receive exactly the same kind of recognition and support as a winning pitcher or a goal-keeper registering a shut-out. “Star” or “starter,” Pemi lets you discover sides of yourself you may never have realized were there—and great ways to share them with the people around you.