Why Work at Pemi?

Work Hard & Have Fun

Working at Camp Pemigewassett isn’t a vacation, but it’s a summer full of fun. It isn’t easy, but it’s deeply rewarding. As a Pemi staff member you will have the opportunity to:

  • work, live, and play in a community of people dedicated to making a difference in the lives of boys from all over the country and world.
  • spend the summer in the great out-of-doors, working under the warm summer sun, enjoying the beauty of Pemi’s pristine campus in the heart of New Hampshire’s majestic White Mountains.
  • share your special passions with campers who are eager to learn new skills and improve on those that they already have.
  • make lifelong friendships with other staff, dynamic young people from the United States and around the world.
  • live simply in a face-to-face community that enjoys limited interference from the electronic world that so infuses our lives in the other weeks and months of the year.
  • be mentored by dedicated, life-long professional educators who are eager to share their experience and love of education and the outdoors with you.

Develop sought-after skills

Through firsthand experience, you will develop crucial, highly sought-after skills to serve you well in your school, community, employment, and relationships. As a staff member at Pemi you will apply, hone, and reinforce the following skills in an endless array of everyday situations:

  • Communicationgreet camper parents, offer instruction, write detailed reports on campers (cabin counselors)…
  • Conflict-managementlisten, question, and guide in ways that model and empower boys to solve challenges…
  • Critical thinkingAssess skill levels of boys you are instructing; check weather conditions before summiting a mountain; discover ways for boys to connect with one another…
  • CreativityFind alternative activities for a rainy day; keep instruction engaging; write a song for campfire…
  • InitiativeDevelop a lesson plan for teaching a week’s activity; organize a Vaudeville act; volunteer to run a workshop…
  • PatienceTake the time to listen to and help a camper who is frustrated, give extra time to a boy so that he might accomplish a goal; let a camper finish a task rather than do it yourself…
  • CollaborationWork with your cabin group to establish rules to live by, and with your co-workers to create a memorable summer for each camper.

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