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Contact Our Staff

Danny Kerr | Director – year ’round inquiries | [email protected] | 603-903-0735 (winter)
Tom Reed, Jr. | Consulting Director | [email protected] | 603-276-0863 (winter)
Ken Moore Assistant Director/Alumni Relations | [email protected] | 216-695-1759 (winter)
Dottie Reed | Head Administrator [email protected] | 717-961-9223 (winter)
Diane Rohde Camper Accounts/Financial | [email protected]

General inquiries | email [email protected]

Mail Tuition / CEA Checks between Oct 1 and June 10

Camp Pemi | PO Box 631 | North Conway, NH 03860

Fax Number to Use for Forms (for Attendance & Employment)


Contact Us in the Summer

(June 10-September 20)

Camp Pemi | PO Box 222 | Wentworth, NH 03282
Phone: 603-764-5833
Summer Office Fax: 603-764-9601 (see above fax number to use for submitting forms)

How to Send Letters, Packages, and Duffles:

  • Letters: Camper Name | Camp Pemi | PO Box 222 | Wentworth, NH 03282
  • Packages / duffles:  Camper Name | Camp Pemi | RT 25A | 50 Camp Pemigewassett Rd | Wentworth, NH 03282

Package Policy:

(Please share this information with other family members and friends!) Packages are limited to flat-envelope style, no more than one per week. Preferably, packages should contain reading/writing/art materials that can be enjoyed during rest hour and not silly games or toys or “stuff-just-because” that will take your son away from exploring what camp has to offer. No food of any kind is allowed. Thank you for honoring this rule and for setting a good example for your son and his cabinmates. A handwritten letter means more than stuff!  When a boy receives a package, a notice is placed in his mailbox. He brings the notice to the office to get his package and will open it in the presence of an office staff member. This procedure enables us to manage trash, label items if needed, and monitor our no-food policy. We understand that sometimes a bulky item is forgotten at home and requires a larger package.